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Enchanter Job

Palash Palash: 8 months ago
Currently, the fastest way to level enchanter is by spam enchanting netherite gear with a level 1 enchant and then putting it in the grindstone, which is counterintuitive to the purpose of enchanting gear. I think the job xp yield from enchanting items should be based on the resulting enchant level, where each level 1 enchant gives 25 xp, level 2 = 50, level 3 = 75, level 4 = 100, level 5 = 150. For example, a Sharpness 4 Unbreaking 3 diamond sword enchant would give 175 enchanter job xp. I believe that this new system would reward crafting good gear instead of using low enchant levels.

Additionally, it would make level 25 enchanter feasible. As of this moment, the xp required for level 25 enchanter is ~40000, while each netherite item enchant gives 12 xp. This means that over 3000 level 1 enchants would be required to max out the enchanter job, which is overly tedious and is not something a player would normally do, unlike other jobs. With the new system, it would take 300-500 level 30 enchants, which is more reasonable, as the gear obtained would actually be useful.


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Enchanter Job
8 months ago
by Palash