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Changelog #1 - 09/02/2021
16 days ago

Changes that have been made to the website,.

  1. Website is now in dark mode.
  2. Store has been setup on the website.
  3. Suggestions system.
  4. better looking UI.

Changes that have been made to the server,.

  1. Parkour has been setup. (No maps yet)
  2. Parkour lobby has been made.

Interested in making a parkour for the server? Create a thread in Submissions forum and post your schematic file along with screenshots of the map.

Submissions page is here

Spaticx Survival Launch > IP:
18 days ago

Spaticx Survival has been launched!

Welcome to Spaticx Survival, a Minecraft server standing out from all the others. with our great Economy, shops, auctions and many other features.

Some of our main Features:

  • Dark auctions ( Black market )

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